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Azure DevOps Terraform Provider

If you work everywhere as a code you will probably need to check Azure DevOps terraform provider. It is created and maintained from Microsoft and you can use it in order to have your DevOps tool as a code.

In order to getting started you will need to create a PAT token and give it the access based on the actions that you need to do.

When the token is ready you will need to set two environmental variables on the machine that you work. The first one is AZDO_PERSONAL_ACCESS_TOKEN which should be your token. The second one will be your org URL AZDO_ORG_SERVICE_URL


Finally you are ready to deploy your IAC Azure DevOps configurations.

Lets see the below example.

# Make sure to set the following environment variables:
terraform {
  required_providers {
    azuredevops = {
      source = "microsoft/azuredevops"
      version = ">=0.1.0"

resource "azuredevops_project" "project" {
  name = "My Awesome Project"
  description  = "All of my awesomee things"

resource "azuredevops_git_repository" "repository" {
  project_id =
  name       = "My Awesome Repo"
  initialization {
    init_type = "Clean"

resource "azuredevops_build_definition" "build_definition" {
  project_id =
  name       = "My Awesome Build Pipeline"
  path       = "\\"

  repository {
    repo_type   = "TfsGit"
    repo_id     =
    branch_name = azuredevops_git_repository.repository.default_branch
    yml_path    = "azure-pipelines.yml"

When above code runs it will create a new project with the name My Awesome Project. Inside the project a new git repo will be initialized and a new pipeline will be created inside this repository.

You can find the usage example below.

Youtube video:

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