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Install kubernetes plugins with krew

There are a lot of tools built around Kubernetes the industry standard orchestration tool that enterprises use in order to host micro-services. One open source project which allow you to install helpful plugins for k8s is krew and you can find it on GitHub.

By installing krew, you will get access to many helpful plugins that have been created for developers and uploaded to krew marketplace. One example of these plugins is the resource-capacity plugin which gives you at a glance limit, resources usage for your k8s pods.

First you will need to install krew for your operating system. The installation instructions can be found in the link below, and you should follow the steps provided.

If you use windows, you will need to add krew on your path in order to have the tool available on your command line. First navigate in your system advanced settings and press environmental variables.

Then you will need to add in your path variable, the installation path of krew which should be %USERPROFILE%\.krew\bin

After installing krew, you can run a command to verify if PATH variables work. You will need first to restart your cmd

As a last step you can install plugins using krew with

kubectl krew install plugin-name

In my case I installed the resource capacity plugin which give CPU, Memory Requests and Limits for your k8s cluster.

FInally you can find your installed plugins inside .krew/store folder.