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Dynamically checkout github repository based on parameter

In some cases, the DevOps team may need to checkout multiple github repositories in the current working directory of the pipeline. By default the pipeline will download the code of the repository where it belongs.

The below pipeline will download a github repository based on a parameter that user provides. In order to accomplish that you will need a service connection with your github account/organization.

Then using the below pipeline you can download a repository with a specific branch by providing the repository name.

- main

  vmImage: ubuntu-latest

- name: repoparam
  type: string
  default: reponame
- name: branchparam
  type: string
  default: main

  - name: repositoryvar
    value: ${{parameters.repoparam}}
  - name: branchvar
    value: ${{parameters.branchparam}}

    - repository: gitrepo
      type: github
      name: geralexgr/$(repositoryvar)
      ref: $(branchvar)
      endpoint: geralexgr

- checkout: gitrepo
  displayName: download repository

For example given that I have created a repository geralexgr/terraform-az-lin-win I will provide only the name of it terraform-az-lin-win and the main branch.

When running the pipeline the selected repository will be downloaded into C:agent/work/buildID/s or /home/vsts/work/buildID/s