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How to find custom defined values in helm charts

I was trying to validate if a custom value that I overrode on a helm deployment was correct. In order to override a value in values.yaml you will need to pass the set flag as shown below.

helm upgrade --install -n sonarqube sonarqube sonarqube/sonarqube --set persistence.enabled=true

In the above installation command I override the persistence.enabled value to true instead of false that is by default.

First of all you will need to get the release name of the helm chart that you deployed. You can find this information by

helm list --all -n namespace

After finding the name of the release you will need to use the get command in order to get values.

 helm -n sonarqube get values sonarqube -n sonarqube

This option will persist the Elasticsearch indexes in a Persistent Volume, but with regular killing operations by the Kubernetes Cluster, these indexes can be corrupted. By default, persistency is disabled in the Helm chart.

Deploy SonarQube on Kubernetes (

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