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Error while proxying request: getting credentials: exec: executable kubelogin not found

For those who do not know Lens, it is a powerful IDE tool for managing Kubernetes. When it comes to k8s administration, sometimes command line would be a pain for engineers so various companies create tools that can provide the same functionality with a modern GUI. Such tool is Lens and you can find it using the link below.

After you setup Lens you may encounter an error when you try to connect to your k8s cluster.

The error indicates that you are missing kubelogin tool. You can verify that by typing kubelogin –version in the command line. If you get an error you should go and install the tool.

Following the instructions provided by the documentation you will be able to install kubelogin.

I personally used the setup for windows through powershell.

After you install kubelogin, close and open the application again so that the PATH settings get updated. Finally you will be able to browse your cluster with Lens.

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