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Build pipeline on tag push – Azure DevOps build triggers

There are multiple ways to define your continuous integration trigger on a pipeline depending on your needs. One common approach is to trigger a build whenever a new merge or push is done on your branch.

For example with the below notation you could trigger a new build every time a new push is merged on the uat branch.

- uat

Another approach could be the pull request. Every time a new pull request is created for a specific branch your build could be initiated. In order to accomplish that you should use the pr keyword.

The below example will trigger when a new pull request is created and the merge destination is main branch. This approach could help you identify if the code of a specific feature/branch actually builds and can be merged on your main branch.

    - main

Another approach is the tags functionality. You could run a build only if a specific tag is pushed along with the commit.

The below example will only build when the tag release.* is pushed on the branch on which the pipeline is located.

    - release.*

Some tags that could trigger my build are: release.v1 , release.master, release.v2

In order to push a tag on your branch using cmd you should

git add .
git commit -m "commit message"
git tag mytag
git push --tags

Then on tags section of your repository you can locate your new tag.

Documentation of triggers for Azure pipelines:

Video tutorial on YouTube:

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