Automate VMware deployments with RedHat Ansible

This article will guide you implement automation on the deployment procedure of a VMware infrastructure. In more detail the ansible project that is listed on the bottom of the page will deploy VMs from a list that you provide on your VMware hypervisor.

The dependencies that are necessary for this solution to work are:

The community.vmware plugin which can be installed with:

ansible-galaxy collection install community.vmware

the PyVmomi package which can be installed with pip or pip3 with the command:

sudo pip3 install pyvmomi

The project consists of the below components:

  • deploy.yml which is the base script that performs the deployment.
  • ansible.cfg and inventory which are not useful for this example
  • secrets.yml which is an ansible vault that contains secrets and passwords
  • vms.yml which is the list of the VMs that we want to create.

You can run the example by using prompt so that you input the ansible vault password.

ansible-playbook deploy.yml --vault-id=@prompt

After the successful run you will get the newly created vms on the folder you specified (in my example ansible folder within the vcenter server)

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